Introducting ACDz track Circuit for Yard Applications

The ACDz is a new generation of the ACDC type track circuit for yard applications. Unlike its predecessor, the ACDz uses hard wire terminations in place of diode shunts and can work with insulated joints, but does not require them. The transmitter drives the track, via 2-wire connection and can be configured as an end-to-end or center fed circuit. This new approach allows the ACDz to provide the same operational logic as an ACDC circuit without the need of a railroad relay.

The ACDz provides 2ea dry contact relay outputs, one for local control of a switch machine and the other for occupancy indication to the yard computer.

ACDz is compatible with Z-Tools and Z-Stick.

Consult Ze Engineering for alternative termination options.

Product Bench Test Procedures Added

Zukinut Technical Support has published product tests procedures for the
Ze2500 presence Detector, the ZEPIC4 HFTC and the Z3 Plus 2-Wire Audio Overlay.
These procedures are tailored for use in the signal shop and greatly simply the
evaluation of a units operational status.
Log-in to the Zukinut Customer Support section of and go to User manuals.

Z-Tools Z-Stick Installation and Use Guidelines

We are beginning the roll out of our newest products, Z-Tools and Z-Stick. These tools are communications based products used to remotely interface and control many of our products. Remote functions include, upload and download of product configuration and firmware, remote calibration and monitoring.

We have posted introductory videos and installation app notes in the User Manuals section of our customer service site.

Zukinut Product Videos

We are currently in the process of developing product videos which will be released throughout 2017. These videos are designed  to introduce new products, provide product installation training and to highlight key Zukinut product features.

A new section has been added to the User Manual area of our Customer Support Portal at After log-In, user manuals and videos can be accessed at any time and as often as desired, at no charge.

Here is a sample of our most recent video release, we hope you find it informative.

ZEPIC5-DTC Tracking Performance from Zukinut Enterprises, LLC on Vimeo.


Check NEWS and the Zukinut Customer Support Portal often for new releases.

Micro Station Cells for Zukinut Products

We just added Micro Station Cells for our products. Files are in *.DNF and *.PDF formats.

They are located in the User Manuals section of our Customer Support Portal.
1. Click on the Zukinut Customer Support tab in the upper right corner of this page.
2. Log-In and Click on the User Manual Icon.
3. *.DNF and *.PDF are available for download.