Our Path

Zukinut Enterprises is organized and configured for the purpose of electronics research and development. In keeping with accepted problem-solving principle we believe that a company is at its best configuration when it is as simple and lean as it can be without compromising its stated purpose.

This direct approach creates a responsive customer focused entity prone to action. While good and necessary to consider the academics of company structure, it is also vital to acknowledge the relationship between a company and its suppliers and vendors. This is far more than the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, design files, goods and services. People should know each other, respect each other and enjoy collaborating with each other.

Our People

Zukinut Enterprises is an electronics research and development company committed to developing real world products for real world people. Meeting this commitment requires a responsive and agile organizational structure animated by a group of like-minded individuals. Our engineering staff is composed of engineers skilled and practiced in the field of electronics, software and mechanical design.

While education and industry expertise are essential qualities of our engineering capability another more rare quality blended into the mix is our 20+ year history of designing and working together.

Simply put, we are good at what we do because we have been doing it for a long time and we know who our customer is.