The Ze2500 was designed to be a drop in replacement for the PD2500. A key design requirement was achieving optimal compatibility with legacy installations and maintaining or improving presence detection operating parameters. E.g. presence detection point, recovery point. The result was a hybrid analog/digital architecture that achieves the goal of matching PD2500 drive characteristics while advancing performance in terms of frequency stability, Presence detect/recovery, ease of installation and set-up. Another design goal was improved reliability. Electrically, the Ze2500 provides 2000V isolation between input battery and internal circuitry, internal circuitry and relay drive output, internal circuitry and LOOP drive output. Mechanically, the Ze2500 is housed in an IP65 enclosure providing a high level of dust and water resistance.

Drop-in replacement for the PD2500.

Diagnostic troubleshooting codes with built-in display.

Uses same LOOP configuration as PD2500.

Operates on the same Band Frequencies as the PD2500.

Relay Drive output can be configured for dry contact or relay coil drive.

Can be used with AC powered switch heaters.

Automatic recovery after power outage WITH OUT the need for re-calibration.

Tuning and configuration setting stored in non-volatile memory.

Water and dust resistant enclosure.

Eliminates the use of Mercury relay.

9 – 30 VDC operation, 110 vac version available upon request.

Re-use existing junction box.

P/N 21445

Note: This product was designed for freight classification yard applications.