About Us

Zukinut Enterprises was founded in 1999 by Joe Thomas. The primary purpose was to create an electronics Research and development company focused on real world customers in real world applications.

Our initial product offering was motorsports performance electronics. Specifically, engine management and transmission controls for drag racing applications.

Emerging from our start-up period with an established company, we began to leverage many years of experience gained from employment with leading railroad industry electronics suppliers and developed our first railroad products. Our initial market focus was to target products that were obsoleted by the original supplier, but still very much in demand by the railroads. Our guiding engineering principle was and is to first observe the merit of the prior art and then dutifully apply new technology providing improved function and value.

Zukinut now offers electronics for both wayside and yard applications.

We are often asked how the motorsports and railroad markets intersect. In our view there is a beautifully brutal honesty to both markets in that our products either go down the track or they don’t, it’s just a different track.