Z3 Plus

Z3 Plus, 2-wire Audio Overlay Presence Detector

The Z3-Plus is a 2-Wire audio overlay track circuit operating on 9 to 24VDC and is field configurable for the following track drive frequencies: 8.2K, 10K, 11.5K, 13.2K, 15K, 17.5K, 20K, 26KHz. This track circuit provides a sinusoidal output under all track load conditions minimizing possible harmonic interaction with other audio equipment on the track. The unit also provides consistent activation point independent of operating battery. Digital receiver circuitry provides for precise receiver operation. The unit is calibrated by simply dropping a shunt at the activation point and pushing the cal button. Additionally, a non-vital loss of shunt timer is provided to further optimize consistent performance. An LED has been provided to allow a visual indication of the Z3-Plus relay drive.

Ideal for applications including AEI, HBD, DED and switch unlock.

Provides track frequencies of 8.2KHz, 10 KHz, 13.2 KHz, 17.5 KHz, 20 KHz, 26 KHz.

Reduces spare inventory by providing the most common track frequencies in single field configurable unit.

N.O. and N.C. dry contact presence output simplifies interface to wayside equipment.

Simple “drop a shunt and press a button” calibration process.

2 second Loss of Shunt timer built-in.

9 – 30 VDC operation.

Secondary surge protection built-in.

Water and dust resistant enclosure. (8″ x 4.75″ x 2.5″)

P/N 21429-10

NOTE: As with all 2-Wire Audio Overlays, the Z3 Plus is intended for NON-VITAL applications.
Installtion Guidelines